About Us

The Atlantic Makers Collective (Atlantic Makers Ltd) was formed in 2020 in Bude, North Cornwall.

The four directors share a passion for making fine furniture and we sought to build a workshop that not only produces exceptional furniture, but also benefits the local community. At the heart of this principle is sharing our resources and skills with talented, local makers and providing the space, facilities and support to help them grow their own businesses.

We design and manufacture bespoke furniture for private and commercial clients, and run short-courses to inspire and nurture a love of woodworking. We also work with other designers and workshops to manufacture their furniture here in Cornwall. Our profits are used to grow the business, to support other makers within the Collective, and to employ and train Junior Makers and give them a strong start in the furniture-making industry.

Jonathan Walter

Jonathan started designing furniture in 2002 while studying cabinet making at Cose di Legno, a furniture school in Sao Paulo. In 2006 he moved to Devon to continue his studies at the Rowden Atelier, and has been making bespoke furniture, and the occasional surfboard, ever since. In 2010 Jonathan set up his own workshop in Bude, North Cornwall before joining forces with Rob, Al and Tom to create the Atlantic Makers Collective in 2020.

Alastair Bremner

Alastair Bremner moved to North Devon in 1994 and was a local NHS GP for twenty five years before training in fine furniture making at Rowden. Since then his love of music and fine woodwork has led him to study wooden flute making. He enjoys experimenting with different aspects of making furniture including steam bending and marquetry.

Tom McIntyre

After a successful career in the high-tech industry, Tom eventually found the opportunity to follow his dream to design and build fine furniture, and completed a years tuition under David Savage at Rowden Atelier in Devon.

Tom has been building bespoke furniture since he left Rowden in 2017. Inspired by natural shapes and forms Tom has designed and built a broad range of furniture, from jewellery boxes to writing desks at his workshop in Cornwall.

With a desire to give back to the local community and to provide help to aspiring local craftspeople Tom joined the AMC team in 2019, and now works from their new Workshop near Bude.

Rob Ball

Rob was working as a business consultant in sustainable energy in London when a life-changing road accident forced a complete re-evaluation of city-based consulting life. Finding himself with a prosthetic leg and a new lease on life, Rob packed up his campervan and moved from London to North Devon to follow his passion and spend a year learning the craft of designing and making fine furniture at Rowden Atelier.  Having grown up by the sea, Rob found a natural home nearby in Bude, and joined Al, Jonathan and Tom to create the Atlantic Makers Collective.  Sustainability remains core to Rob’s life and his furniture.

Jo Weaden

Jo has been a professional furniture designer maker for over 10 years, and has worked for some of the best furniture makers in the UK.  She now runs Studio Arvor, which specialises in environmentally and socially conscious furniture, lighting and home accessories.⁠

Neil Kitteridge

Neil has almost 40 years of experience in traditional & contemprary upholstery, starting out working in a furniture factory at age 18, before moving on to work in reupholstery with an antiques dealer.  In 2004, Neil set up his own business, NK Upholstery.  and is now based at the Atlantic Makers Collective, where he continues to run his business, teach short courses in upholstery, and provide an upholstery service for all Atlantic Makers furniture.

Joe Rudman

After having made a thriving career as a chef for the last decade, 2019 saw Joe aim for new horizons. He undertook a short course, taught by Jonathan, at Rowden Atelier. After Joe moved back to his home town of Bude, Jonathan extended an invitation to bring Joe under the wing of the AMC as a junior maker, where he endeavors to learn all he can… amid the odd surf.