Cabinet Making

Course Description

The Cabinet Making woodworking course is designed to help you learn the foundation skills that professionals use to make simple furniture accurately and with a great finish.

Over 5 days we make a wall cabinet with a hinged door to perfection!

The course is based around hand tools, but also covers how your work might be improved with certain power tools, like a router. We also walk you through our machine shop and explain how everything works and what they do.

The course involves:

  • Tuning up your handtools – the key to making furniture with precision
  • Making a cabinet, using your handtools and ours
  • Trying a variety of methods of planing, sanding, jointing and finishing, to develop and refine skills for future furniture-making projects.

Experience level

Any prior knowledge or experience would be a bonus, but this course suits beginners as well as those who would like to improve their existing skills.

Learning at the Atlantic Makers Collective

Our woodworking courses take place in our furniture workshop near Bude, North Cornwall.  You will learn professional-quality skills in a friendly space, dedicated to training, education and development.  You will also have the opportunity to meet the professional designer/makers based at the Atlantic Makers workshop, and discuss what they’re working on.  

People of all ages, skill-levels and backgrounds are welcome.  Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced maker looking to develop a particular skill, there’s a course for you. 

All our courses are taught by experienced and highly skilled craftspeople, so every course can be tailored to fit your needs.  That also means that if you’d like to learn something that’s not listed, we’d be happy to arrange a bespoke course to help you in your designing and making.  

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